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Hand crafted, high-tech and stylish, Ecco golf shoes are born from the foot first approach that's revolutionizing golf footwear, one pair at a time. No break in period. For the majority, ECCO golf shoes can be worn comfortably right out of the box.

Most shoes prevent your feet from moving naturally. ECCO Golf Shoes are different. They fit securely at the heel and instep, leaving your toes room to spread and move freely. This enhances circulation, increases airflow and, as any ECCO wearer will attest, it results in superior comfort. It also eliminates the need for half-sizes and different shoe widths.

ECCO wanted to make shoes that did not need to be broken in. They should fit like a glove, straight out of the box. That became the beginning of ECCO's revolutionary philosophy: to create shoes that were more comfortable, lasted longer and enabled people to move naturally.

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